a unique solution combining market intelligence with marketing to increase direct bookings for the travel industry

what is Supernova?

The power to close direct bookings, gather pricing intelligence and create targeted programmatic marketing campaigns is now at your fingertips.

Our patented visual scanning technology reads billions of data points from all over the world. Supernova uses this data to empower hotels & airlines to optimise pricing decisions and create beautiful and powerful advertising campaigns - with no IT integration required.

know your market.

accurate real-time data empowering informed decisions

run smart campaigns.

bring the customers you want to the hotels that need it

zero setup.

SaaS solution with no IT integration required

regain control.

your bookings, your channels, your way

How does it work?

Fornova has brought to market the next generation of web data scanning and extraction technology. Unlike traditional scraping, which has been widely available for a long time, Fornova's patented technologies emulates human visual interpretation and interaction with structured web page data.

The Supernova platform uses this technology to gather relevant market intelligence so that you can maximise your ROI across all marketing channels; building campaigns and pricing based on your business needs, target markets, locations, hotel clusters, franchises, and any other number of factors.

vast amounts of data are published online

we visually scan for data relevant to you

we use this data to compare prices and build campaigns

we publish via your existing online marketing provider

increase your conversions and improve your ROI

Building your campaign

Client requires a powerful, high-converting campaign

Supernova scans for room pricing, availability and images

No IT resource is required. There are no system integrations, no complex requirements, and you can run completely customisable campaigns dependant on the individual needs of each of your hotels.

The biggest challenge in programmatic marketing is ensuring your offers are being sent out based on occupancy and demand - and that’s what makes our solution unique.

Supernova adds lead-in rates, reviews and images for a dynamic banner

Our client selects which properties, clusters or franchises are included in the campaign, sets their budgets, and makes any required customisations, choosing languages, countries and currencies, promotional rates, and setting up automation.

Now the campaign will practically run itself.

Supernova creates a programmatic campaign

Top reviews, inviting pictures and compelling special offers close the deal.

Using our revenue-sharing model, our client is never out-of-pocket, and reward is based on performance - not promises.

About Fornova

Our story

8 years ago our founders Michael and Dima were working together at Intel.

After creating a powerful little scanning engine to visually analyse microchips, they realised it had the potential to grow up into something truly powerful: a real game-changer!

What's under the hood?

There’s a whole lot of AI and complex algorithms behind all this, but essentially we’ve built a completely unique and patented solution that gathers online data and isn’t hindered by changes in code, language, or layout.

Fornova has offices in New York, London, Amsterdam & Israel.

News & Events

Here you'll find out what we're doing at Fornova, as well as our thoughts on what's happening in travel technology.